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Michael J Bird's Contribution to

Secret Army Title

For more on the series see the Secret Army pages on "h2g2"
on the BBC web site and Andy Priestner's excellent commentary at Le Candide

Devised by Gerard Glaister and Wilfred Greatorex
Producer: Gerard Glaister
Script Editor: John Brason

42 Episodes over 3 series
Michael Bird contributed a single script "Bridgehead"

Regular Cast
Monique Duchamps: ANGELA RICHARDS
Sturmbannfuhrer Ludwig Kessler: CLIFFORD ROSE
Natalie Chantrens: JULIET HAMMOND-HILL
Major Erwin Brandt: MICHAEL CULVER
Major Hans Dietrich Reinhardt: TERRENCE HARDIMAN
Lisa Colbert: JAN FRANCIS

8 December 1979


Writer: Michael J.Bird.
Director: Andrew Morgan

Principal Cast:
Captain Stephen Durnford (Stephan Chase), Von Schalk (Peter Arne), Colonel Northwood (Michael Lees), Scheer (Douglas Sheldon), Goetz (Simon Cowell-Parker), Kaufmann (Paul Henley), Lt. Franz Nieman (Ronald Fernee), Barber (Werner van der Sarren), Singer (Valerie Masters).

Monique is about to face punishment for unfounded claims of collaboration, when Captain Stephen Durnford arrives on the scene ...

Short back and sides madam? - the infamous hair-cutting scene POINT OF INTEREST

Andy Priestner has done a great deal of research into the making of Secret Army for a forthcoming book and he noted significant differences between Bird's original script and the finished episode. Andy says that "once completed the episode suffered cuts at the hands of the BBC's Head of Series due to the nature of the hair-cutting scenes, which were felt to be too distressing and over-long."

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