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13 (55 minute) episodes
29 August 1975 - 28 November 1975br>
Story editor - John Maynard
Producer - Peter Graham Scott

Regular Cast
Quiller - Michael Jayston Angus Kinloch - Moray Watson Roz - Sinead Cusack
Quiller - Michael Jayston
Angus Kinloch - Moray Watson
Roz - Sinead Cusack
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The Price of Violence by Michael J Bird

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Safe Conduct by Michael J Bird

29th August 1975


Writer: Michael J.Bird. Director: Peter Graham Scott

Guest Cast:
Ed Bishop (Frank Ilroy), Mark Zuber (Colonel Zadok), Peter Tuddenham (Dr Erling Norgaard), Judy Leibert (Deborah), Peter Woods (Newsreader), Nicholas Kane (Rabbi)

Quiller officially does not exist, but his assignments are real. With an assassin loose in London, the Bureau instructs Quiller to protect an important international visitor. But the killer's target is nearer home.

14th November 1975


Writer: Michael J.Bird. Director: Gerald Blake

Guest Cast:
George Cole (Mays) Oscar Homoloka (Cherevenko), Stefan Gryff (Rykov), Gerald Sim (Hildreth), George Mikell (Major Mahler), Jan Conrad (Demichev), Steve Hubay (Kleiber), John Watts (Karl), Robin Sachs (Dieter), Lois Hantz (Hilde), Pamela Lintern (Miss Allen)

Quiller is sent to help a British defector leave the country of his adoption. Unfortunately things don't go according to plan ...

Oscar Homoloka, Stefan Gryff & Moray Watson


Actor Stefan Gryff, who appeared in "Safe Conduct", was one of the "Michael J Bird repertory company" appearing in three of Bird's series - The Lotus Eaters , Who Pays The Ferryman? and The Aphrodite Inheritance .

Gryff said his abiding memory of working on the story was veteran actor Oscar Homoloka, who played his boss at the Russian embassy. Gryff said Homoloka complained constantly that he was too old and could not remember his lines and how would he manage. But when the cameras began to roll Gryff said the veteran actor was word perfect and acted everyone else off the set!

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