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In the early days of the website I found myself corresponding with an increasing number of folk who were either offering me material and encouragement or asking me for further information. The Newsletter was the result of one of those flashes of inspiration you get just before you drop off to sleep (and have usually forgotten when you wake the next morning). This one stayed, and saved me a lot of repeating myself to different people and forgetting who had been told what.

In those days I sent 'news' out as a simple e-mail to a growing list of folk who had e-mailed me about Michael Bird or the website in general. However the proliferation of spam emails, and the introduction of spam filters by email providers, meant that mass circulation e-mails were frequently rejected. It requires the usual "double opt-in" on the part of the recipient before their e-mail can be added to the list. (To prevent anyone being signed up against thier will.)

Interest has grown steadily and there are currently over four hundred people around the world registered to receive updates. Complete the box alongside to receive periodic bulletins about developments on the website and other bits of related news.

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