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Spring 2022

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Thanks to everyone who contacted me in December on hearing that Jack Hedley had died. I am particularly indebted to Chris Williams, who penned an obituary for our website and then modestly directed me to a piece in The Times in January saying it was better than the one he had written. Chris's piece and the link to The Times are on the Who Pays the Ferryman? cast page on the website.


In April 2022 I received an intriguing email from Louise Evans who said she stumbled across the MJB website while searching for information about her late father, Brian Shepherd who in his younger days lived, and owned a bar, on Crete where The Lotus Eaters was filmed. "When I was looking for him, I did an internet search which came up with 'Shepherd's bar The Lotus Eaters'. I dismissed it as a coincidence and moved on. It wasn't till I met him that he told me it was indeed his bar used in filming stories. He was in an episode as a background person. He moved to Crete and somehow knew the writer or someone and he told me that they filmed in his bar. He said he had a fishing boat and they would take people out on the boat (I think he was one for the ladies!)"

Louise later sent me copies of two photos including a note with the address of the bar (in Aghios Nikolaos) on the reverse of one of them. She says "The photos are not too good quality but I also found a letter from him saying he brought the bar and went to Crete in 1971, opening in 1972. I can image how wonderful it must have been back then, rustic and unbuilt. If only there were still places like this now. He had the bar for several years until he met and married a lady over there and moved back to the UK."


In April 2022 website visitor Allan Joyce emailed to say that he he had identified more of the music played at Lavalliere's masked ball in The Dark Side of the Sun. The first track heard is 'Ride On the Rhythm' by Mahogany featuring Bernice Watkins. Other tracks used were 'Nightmares' by A Flock of Seagulls, 'You Can't Hide (Your Love From Me)' by David Joseph, 'Oblivious' by Aztec Camera, and 'Listen To the Night' by The Climax Blues Band.


In January we lost another of our little cast of players, Gary Waldhorn died. He was best known for his work in situation comedies The Vicar of Dibley and, before that, Brush Strokes. But, as we know, early in his career he guest starred in The Lotus Eaters episode "Aphrodite".

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