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Summer 2020

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Regular website visitor, and fan of Michael J. Bird, Chris Williams has contacted me with some interesting finds. Having watched Who Pays the Ferryman? many, many times Chris has noted some mistakes that were missed in the original filming and subsequent editing, some of which he says are quite glaring. I have added a 'Production' page to the Ferryman section of the website to showcase them and share the fun.

Thanks to Chris for taking the time to send them in.


Added a (non too favourable) contemporary review of the BBC series Quiller for which Bird scripted a couple of episodes.


I have added a photograph to the Maelstrom gallery. It is something of a mystery. In the early days of the website I wrote to every actor, director, producer, anyone I could find who had worked with Bird enclosing a stamped self-addressed enevelope for a reply. I received a lot of helpful replies but as you might expect more than half brought no response.

A couple of months ago I received an envelope addressed to me, in my own handwriting (clearly one of my early SAEs), containing a photocopy of a photograph of Michael Bird with Susan Gilmore but nothing to indicate who it was from. Could it be from Gilmore? I have no idea!

(And I am still working on the best way to showcase the ton and a half of material from website visitor Menna Campbell. It will happen!)


Betty Arvaniti was born on 4th August (this year she was 81). Betty starred in both Who Pays the Ferryman? and The Dark Side of the Sun. Every year on her birthday website visitor Chris Williams sends her greetings "on behalf of all her fans in the UK and of the MJB website."

Chris says he doesn't always get a reply, but this year ...

A note from Greece. My best wishes to all my friends in the U K! Thank you for remembering my work at the BBC. It was a very important period of my career as an actress. Stay safe and strong! With my warmest regards Betty Arvaniti

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