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Michael J Bird's Contribution to
Drama series - YTV / 52 x60m-e / 1969-76 colour

Gerald Harper as Hadleigh Creator: Robert Barr
Theme Music: Alan Moorhouse,
Executive Producer: Peter Willes

Producers: Terence Williams, Jacky Stoller.

James Hadleigh was the suave, sophisticated country squire, owner of Melford Park and driver of a classy white Monteverdi 3.75l, who always championed the underdog (and who had previously been seen as the proprietor of a country newspaper in the Yorkshire Television series "Gazette").

Hadleigh was played by Gerald Harper. Other cast members throughout the series included Joyce Carey, Jane Merrow, Judy Campbell, Roland Culver and Mary Peach.

Bird contributed a couple of scripts to the first series, under the Script editorship of Alfred Shaugnessy.

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I am indebted to Richard Spurr of the sadly now defunct "Square Eyed TV" for the information about Bird having scripted "Some You Win, Some You Lose". The Granada Region TV Times omitted any writer credit for that episode.

I was doubly pleased to discover that Richard actually had the episode on video and he kindly made me a copy.

Since then the entire first series has been released on DVD and I finally got to see both Bird's stories.

7 October 1969
by Michael J. Bird.
Directed by Peter Cregeen.

Screencap from the DVD Screencap from the DVD

TV Times entry - Click for larger version

14 November 1969
by Michael J. Bird.
Directed by Peter Moffat.
TV Times entry - Click for larger version
Screencap from the DVD

Screencap from the DVD

Screencap from the DVD

Alfred Shaugnessy, who was the script editor for the first series of Hadleigh, had used one of Bird's scripts for The Informer two years before. Shaugnessy was also the man behind Upstairs Downstairs. Bird contributed a storyline to Upstairs Downstairs, which I am told was the only story-line ever bought in for the series - all the rest coming from Shaughnessy himself.
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