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March 2017

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... never heard of it ... and neither had I.

Until I stumbled across a copy of the script for sale on e-Bay.

An unfilmed script by Michael J. Bird found amongst the papers of the late Vere Lorrimer (producer of Bird's last two BBC creations The Dark Side of the Sun and Maelstrom).

Naturally I had to have it and, equally naturally, I succeeded in buying it. Now I just have to work out the best way to share it wth you all.


Within a few weeks of the DVD release there was a guy on e-Bay selling four original stills from The Dark Side of the Sun. Thanks to a tip off from my good friend Werner Schmitz of the Media Gems website they are now all posted on the website.


A few other 'new' stills have come up on e-Bay since the last newsletter, again spotted mainly by Werner. There was a shot from The Outsider that I had not seen before featuring John Duttine, Carol Royle and Joanna Dunham and, a BBC publicity still of Michael Jayston as 'Quiller' released to publicise Michael Bird's episode "Price of Violence". I 'won' both auctions and scans are on the website.

The same seller had another copy of that BBC publicity still for Ferryman with Jack Hedley and Maria Sokali up for sale (one I already have on the site).


Thanks to everyone who voted for my son James' book "Alice and the Fly" after my plea last time. It won the 'Bookgeek Book of the Year' and his second book nears publication.


Can I just take a minute to plug a new book by Gabriel Hershman, a good friend to the MJB website. Some of you may recall a few years ago Gabriel wrote "Send in the Clowns" an excellent biography of The Lotus Eaters star Ian Hendry. Gabriel's latest book "Strolling Player" is a biography of another first rate British actor: Albert Finney. Gabriel did me the honour of asking me to proof read the book. It is excellent. Even though I had read it (and have a pdf copy) I still bought it when it was published earlier this year. Check it out on Amazon.

(And thanks to Chris Williams for the headline)


Ostara Publishing's Top Notch Thriller line continued republishing James Mitchell's 'Callan' novels. Smear Job and Bonfire Night, neither of which I had read before, have now been added to the line.

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