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January 2015

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I am happy to report that, thanks to the BFI, the BBC's classic anthology science fiction series, Out of the Unknown, has at last been released on DVD. Michael J Bird contributed two stories "To Lay A Ghost" and "The Uninvited" and both are represented.

"The Uninvited" exists only as a soundtrack recording but this has been synchronized to a copy of the camera script so that the viewer can read the stage directions, which explain what happens during the visual sequences.

Colin Cutler tells me that in addition the package includes a wealth of previously unpublished photos including a fair few from both 'To Lay a Ghost' and at least 10 from 'The Uninvited'. (Never one to miss a chance, I have already uploaded some to the Out of the Unknown page on the website.)

The price fluctuates and my advice, as usual, is to shop around. I have seen it listed for 69 pounds from the BFI themselves, 53 pounds on Amazon and 50 pounds on Play.com.


Thanks, also, to Colin Cutler I have uploaded a copy of a short feature from a 1973 copy of Australian magazine Woman's Weekly announcing the start of Michael J Bird's The Lotus Eaters.


I hope you will all indulge me in a bit of 'non MJB related' news. My son James' first novel, Alice and The Fly, was published in the UK last week by Hodder and Stoughton to great critical acclaim. His mum and I are so proud. James is travelling all round the country doing signings but this was the local coverage of the launch event last week.

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