Out of the Shadows

Video/DVD Release

The film was released on video - well, outside of the UK at least.
I have a couple of copies, both purchased on E-bay. One is an NTSC version produced for the USA and the other a PAL version "for exclusive distribution in the Middle East". Both are packaged as Yorkshire TV merchandise.

A friend in Canada kindly transferred the video to a "region free" DVD.

Out of the Shadows Screencap Out of the Shadows Screencap

As you can see from these screencaps it reproduced very well. And for a long time I thought that was probably the only way anyone would get to see the film again.

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However in March 2011 website visitor Ivonne Streefkerk contacted me to say that a Dutch release of the film was on sale.

DVD Cover

Ivonne said: "After literally spending years looking for the DVD in shops and online ... I discovered a new release (finally!) in a Dutch onlineshop wehkamp.nl and bought it for just a few Euros. The film has been released by a Dutch company Video film express. The DVD is region 2 and Dolby Digital 2.0."

Ivonne did a little more digging and found another website which delivers outside of Holland. The only problem is there is no English-language button to translate from the Dutch.


They also deliver on all continents, a bit more expensive. Fans outside of Europe will probably have to deal with paying extra taxes so it all depends on how much they want to own a copy. I hope this will help other fans searching for it."

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