Out of the Shadows

Out of the Shadows
by Michael J. Bird
Adapted from a novel by Andrea Davidson

2 September 1988

"Chief Inspector Michael Hayden, a Scotland Yard detective, is in Athens investigating a series of major art thefts. When Jan Lindsey, a young American woman appears to be involved in the murder of one of Hayden's suspects he follows her and has to rescue her from a kidnap attempt. Jan and Michael join forces and find themselves drawn together as they journey around Athens and the Greek countryside, unravelling a complicated network of crimes."


Michael Hayden - Charles Dance
Jan Lindsey -
Alexandra Paul
Frank Osbourne - Michael J Shannon
James Bluminfield - David De Keyser
Liz Bennett - Wanda Ventham
Spiros Martis - Gregory Karr
Andreas Voutsas - David Sumner
Markos Togas - John Grillo
Costas Angeles - Petro Fyssoon
Captain Parrios - Yannis Kakleas
Father Demetrious - Nikos Papaconstantinou
Takis - Andrew Andreopoulos
Petros - Ian Sears
Nikos - Grant Russell
Hotel Keeper - Antony Stamboulieh
Concierge - Dina Konsta


Set in Bird's beloved Greece, this movie, the last thing he had produced, re-united Wanda Ventham and Antony Stamboulieh from The Lotus Eaters .

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