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Mike Butt and his lovely daughter, Nicola in 2011 The story behind the story

Website visitor Mike Butt's wife is Seychellois and they have two beautiful children. Mike is a regular visitor to the islands. I am grateful to him for the following information, which explains the story behind the story, and for the accompanying photographs. Mike says he is still seeking more film of the islands and would love to hear from anyone similarly interested. If you drop me an e-mail here at the MJB website I will happily pass it on to Mike.

Bel Ombre Heritage Site Bel Ombre Heritage Site Bel Ombre Heritage Site Mike tells me ...

Olivier le Vasseur was a pirate of the Indian Ocean who was hung at Reunion in 1730. The story goes that while on the gallows le Vasseur tossed a cryptogram into the crowd shouting "Find my Treasure he who can!"

Enter Reginald Cruise-Wilkins, who was ill in England and was advised to go to a warmer climate. He went first to Kenya, but caught malaria. He wanted to stay around that region and so he went to the Seychelles to convalesce, as it is 'malaria safe'. There he met a Mrs Savy, who passed the Cryptogram over to him.

The hunt for the treasure started ....

Under Reg's direction several clues were found on rocks below the waterline. Financiers from the USA came and went. Sadly Reg died in 1977, when his son John inherited the mystery.

The search at the 'Bel Ombre' treasure site continues ...

Grave of Reginald Cruise-Wilkins Grave of Reginald Cruise-Wilkins Grave of Reginald Cruise-Wilkins

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