West of Paradise


The owner of the house where much of the movie was filmed told me that her copy had been lost during house renovation and I was only too happy to send her a copy on DVD.

She says she remembers when they first moved in "every time the movie was shown on the local channel someone would phone to tell us our house was on TV. It was quite a kick I must admit! And my neighbours wanted to come and tour the house because they had seen it in the movie but never been there, as the previous owner was quite distant. So I made them happy and showed them the whole thing."

In return she sent me the photographs below of "parts of the house that are recogniseable from the movie, such as the bed, verandah steps, garden, in particular the ones of the bed - it's so distinctive!"

She finished by saying "the house has been our private holiday home for many years but in about 6 months, if all goes smoothly, the house will become a self catering house. My guests will love knowing they are staying in a house
that was used for a film set ..."

View the house "maison de Jardin" at http://www.maisondejardin-sey.com

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