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Jim McTaggart still has a copy of Michael Bird's "First thoughts" paper for a series 'Clarion Call'; which Bird sent to him after the visit to Barnard Castle early in 1981. Ultimately it became The Outsider

It is reproduced here, with his and Olive Bird's kind permission, along with copies of a few letters from the YTV production office.

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Carol Royle still has a copy of a spoof paper produced and circulated amongst cast and crew during the filming. She has kindly scanned a copy to share with us here.

The paper is full of 'in jokes' - kicking off with the title "Mickleglynn Massager" (Michael Glynn was the series Producer.)

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screencap from opening credits screencap from opening credits screencap from opening credits

The photographs of a 'young' Fiona featured in the opening credits were actual photographs of Carol Royle.

She says "The one round the car is with my parents in Sheffield, where Dad was brought up, at the Hillsborough Boy's Club, run by his father, Captain Stanley Royle, and the other is me with a little dog called Misty, who belonged to our landlord in a flat we rented in Birmingham when Dad was a permanent member of the Birmingham Alexandra Rep. Company."

Prop poster courtesy of the Bird family

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