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Location filming - with grateful thanks to Martin Underwood.
Screencap from The Outsider Screencap from The Outsider Screencap from The Outsider

From these Screen Caps of the fictitious "Micklethorpe" website visitor Martin Underwood successfully identified the location as the market town of Knaresborough, about 14 miles west of York.

the cute little chequerboard shop

From a subsequent visit I can report that the cute little chequerboard shop (left), then at least, housed a wool shop and a candle shop (and the pub next door did a very reasonable lunch!). Strictly speaking the Micklethorpe Messenger was the left-hand (candle) shop.

Martin has also rather ingeniously located the Messenger building on Google street view from which it appears that, by June 2012, it housed a Health Food store.

Using all his research Martin put together a webpage "The Outsider - then and now" , which also features a street plan of the town and contemporary shots alongside his Screen Caps.

Martin has since tracked down a number of other locations.

Ep 1: A Death in the Family
Fiona and Lord Wrathdale are seen together by Frank at Fewston Reservoir, Fewston, North Yorkshire

Ep 2: The Legacy
Sylvia takes Donald to the airport Leeds/Bradford Airport.

Ep 3: A Question of Judgement
The art exhibition was flmed at Manor House, Castle Hill, Ilkley,

Various episodes: "Wrathdale Hall" was Rudding Park Estate, Follifoot also located here using Google street view.

panorama of the town Outsider location

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