Location filming - with grateful thanks to Carolyn Meadows.
Jeff Roy was such a fan of the series when it was first screened in Canada he wrote to Alesund and Bente Saxon of the Alesund Tourist Office sent him a map indicating key locations featured in the show.
Map showing locations
(Click for larger version)
Bente acted as 'Norwegian Liaison' on the series. She kept a copy of the Filming / Location Schedule, which she kindly copied for me.

It is only a typed "internal" document but fascinating to read nonetheless. I have scanned it and present it here as Portable Document Format (PDF) file.


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Website visitor Carolyn Meadows from the USA was so taken with the Alesund after watching the series that in the summer of 2009 she holidayed in Norway and visited the town. Bente Saxon met Carolyn and kindly showed her round the principal locations.
As you can see from Carolyn's photos below, twenty plus years on and the place had hardly changed (nor had Bente!).
Bente Saxon with David Beames and Tusse Silberg

Above: Great Aunt Astrid Linderman's House as filmed in 1984

and ...

Below: As it was in 2009

Above: Jordahl's house where Catherine Durrell stays as filmed in 1984

and ...

Below: As it was in 2009

Above: Bente Saxon pictured with David Beames and Tusse Silberg

and ...

Below: the 2009 model.

Astrid Linderman's House Bente Saxon

Above: Ingrid's House as filmed in 1984

and ...

Below: Caroline outside the house as it was in 2009


and ...


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