The Lotus Eaters

Episode Guide
First Series - 1972
Producer - Anthony Read
Associate Producer - Michael Glynn
Episode 1

Cold Wind from the North

Written by Michael J Bird
Directed by Cyril Coke [23.4.72]

Erik and Ann Shepherd's marriage is, at best, uneasy - haunted by memories they would both rather forget. Donald Culley's arrival in Aghios Nikolaos stirs up more than even he realises.

Ruth Stewart - Cyd Hayman
Donald Culley - James Kerry
Franz Zimmermann - John G. Heller
Inge Zimmermann - Dora Reisser
Controller - Frank Duncan
Vassilakis - Michael Zorba
Hippies - Alison Griffin, Ziggy Byfield, Charles Marriott & Kim Fortune
Episode 2

The Present Mrs Clive

Written by Michael J Bird
Directed by Douglas Camfield [30.4.72]

David Clive is a weak man, trapped in an unhappy marriage, who takes refuge in Aghios Nikolaos and finally establishes his independence. So why is his wife so confident she can still get him back?

David Clive - Michael McStay
Lorna Clive - Ann Firbank
Jennifer Neal - Susan Tebbs
Episode 3

And Hera Had a Sister

Written by Michael J Bird
Directed by Douglas Camfield [7.5.72]

Storm clouds gather over Aghios Nikolaos as Erik Shepherd and his customers await a stranger. "We are all so vulnerable," says Captain Krasakis. "Conscience is every man's cross as shame is his crown of thorns."

Sheila Fleming - Pamela Roland
Machin - Derek Ware
Donald Culley - James Kerry
Controller - Frank Duncan
Clerk of the Court - Neville Barber
Postman - Andrew Andreas
Fisherman - John Eastham
Episode 4

A Touch of Home

Written by Michael J Bird
Directed by Cyril Coke [14.5.72]

"I know what you're thinking. Why all this fuss over a box of groceries? But it's more than that. It's important. You see, it's a touch of home."

Major and Mrs Edward Woolley live a perfectly ordered existence on Crete. But when the calm routine is broken, their life explodes into a violent reaction.

Clerk - Andreas Markos
Episode 5


Written by Jack Ronder
Directed by David Cunliffe [21.5.72]

Like the goddess Aphrodite, Julie Johnson drifts into Aghios Nikolaos from the sea. And like Aphrodite she disrupts the lives of all she meets, particularly Ann and Erik Shepherd.

Julie - Suzan Farmer
Val - Ingrid Hafner
Nat - Gary Waldhorn
Boat owner - Ken Wynne
Police Sergeant - Tony Boyd
Policeman - Antonio de Maggio
Erik Shepherd (Ian Hendry)

Katerina (Karan David), Erik Shepherd (Ian Hendry) and Ann Shepherd (Wanda Ventham)
Episode 6

A Tiger in Bristol Street

Written by David Fisher
Directed by Cyril Coke [28.5.72]

Nester Turton's life in Aghios Nikolaos consists of drinking and whoring, which he does in equal measure when funds permit. But when Nestor's past catches up with him the results are hilarious. For Nestor, it seems, has been dead for years …

Jervis Duncan - Peter Woodthorpe
Monica Turton - Alethea Charlton
American Tourist - Peter Carlisle
Episode 7

The Fascinating Couple

Written by David Weir
Directed by David Cunliffe [4.6.72]

No Cretan will set foot on the deserted island of Spinalonga. Philip and Leigh Mervish find the powerful atmosphere of this former leper colony perfect for a psychological experiment.

They talk Aghios Nikolaos' resident hippies, Kirsten and Mark, into helping them. But things don't go quite according to plan.

Episode 8

You Might Get Hurt, Jocasta

Written by David Weir
Directed by Douglas Camfield [11.6.72]

Alan Fletcher, Aghios Nikolaos' very own "Ernest Hemmingway", seems to have the perfect life - but as viewers know by now for The Lotus Eaters things are seldom the way they seem. Meanwhile, two people return to Aghios, and the marriage of Erik and Ann Shepherd is strained to breaking point.

Jocasta - Anouska Hempel
Alan Fletcher - Griffith Jones
Alexia - Thalia Kouri
Donald Culley - James Kerry
Dr Tsikos - Andrew Andreas
Episode 9

The Climbing Wave

Written by Michael J Bird
Directed by David Cunliffe [18.6.72]

As the town celebrates the festival of St Nicholas, the tension becomes unbearable. Whether the Shepherds' marriage will survive is no longer the question. Death stalks the streets of Aghios Nikolaos and nothing will ever be the same again.

Donald Culley - James Kerry

Second Series - 1973
Producer - Michael Glynn
Preceded by repeats of six episodes from the first series:
Cold Wind from the North (27.5.73),
And Hera Had a Sister (3.6.73),
A Tiger in Bristol Street (10.6.73),
A Touch of Home (17.6.73),
You Might get Hurt, Jocasta (24.6.73), and
The Climbing Wave (1.7.73)
Episode 1

There and Back by Candlelight

Written by Michael J Bird
Directed by Cyril Coke [8.7.73]

The story of Erik and Ann Shepherd continues. Will they return to Aghios Nikolaos and face up to the web of intrigue and mystery in which they find themselves so deeply involved?
Before they do, fate has one more trick in store for Erik.

Doctor - Frederick Peisley
Major Constantinos - John Savident
Richards - Ian Fairbairn
Episode 2

A Kind of Treason

Written by Michael J Bird
Directed by Viktors Ritelis [15.7.73]

The Shepherds are back in Aghios Nikolaos, and the subject of much interest. A new game is being played out and while Captain Krasakis seeks to identify the players, Erik struggles to understand the rules.

Major Constantinos - John Savident
Richards - Ian Fairbairn
Chief Superintendent Fowler - Antony Carrick
Greek Policeman - Lucian Janis
Episode 3

A Very Long Spoon

Written by David Weir
Directed by Cyril Coke [22.7.73]

"You see the terrible thing about all this business is that you can no longer trust anyone," says Captain Krasakis. Erik realises how true that is when Ann regains her memory, and the Shepherds learn that the dead can still spring a surprise.

Bar Customer - Andreas Markos
Episode 4

Beside a Crooked Stile

Written by Michael J Bird
Directed by Viktors Ritelis [29.7.73]

The first player makes his move and the tensions and pressures increase on the Shepherds, particularly when they lose a very close friend.

Marukakis - Salvin Stewart
Episode 5

The Well Diggers

Written by Michael J Bird
Directed by Cyril Coke [5.8.73]

"When two people whisper together in a corner they're usually digging a well for a third one to fall into," Erik Shepherd tells Sam Webber.
As the masks come off Erik forms an unusual alliance.
Episode 6

And if you have time, Lord

Written by Michael J Bird
Directed by Viktor Ritelis [12.8.73]

With true identities revealed, it is time for Erik to settle a few old scores. Ann comes to a decision and the Shepherds' marriage faces its biggest test …

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