Who Pays The Ferryman?

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Like the BBC video, Bird's novelisation of the series omitted the stories from episode 2 and episode 6, which were not integral to the main storyline. It was first published in 1977 as a "Star" book by W H Allen & Co (ISBN 0 352 30148 1) and cost 85p.

Like everything to do with the series the book was an immediate hit and was translated into various languages, selling well wherever the series was shown. Bird told his agent he made more from sales of the book than he ever did from the series itself.


In August 2012 Bird's son (also named Michael) published an e-Book version of the novelisation for the Kindle.

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Even though like me you have probably got a copy of the paperback tucked away somewhere at the back of the bookcase, at only £3.99 Kindle owners will agree I am sure that it is well worth getting an electronic copy to while away the odd half hour commuting to the office or to take with you on those long summer holidays. (And after purchasing don't forget to give the book a good review!)

Michael subequently aranged for his father's other books to be given the same treatment.

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The book was published in Greece by Efstathiadis Group S.A. (ISBN 960 226 086 6).

It has gone through several editions and continues to sell well - presumably to tourists who still have fond memories of the show.

There are versions available in several languages - in German it is called "Wer bezahlt den Faehrmann?" while the French know it as "Quie paie le passeur?". The Dutch version is "Wie Betaalt de Veerman".

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Copies of the Book come up regularly on e-Bay.

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But there is at least one other book by the same title (about the IRA) so don't be misled!

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