The Dark Side of the Sun


Mandraki Harbour - Rhodes Mandraki Harbour - Rhodes Mandraki Harbour
in Rhodes Town, where Don Tierney's curiosity is aroused when he spots financier Eric Niedermann arriving by motor launch in episode one.
Lavalliere's Kastello

Ruins of the Crusader fortress at Lindos
The establishing shot of the Kastello Aghios Theodoros features the crusader fortress at Lindos.
Palace of the Grand Master Palace of the Grand Master

But as we close in, by the magic of television (every bit as powerful as that of the demonic Lavalliere) we are transported 25 miles across the island to the imposing entrance of Anaktoro ton Arkhonton - the Palace of the Grand Master in Rhodes old town. When the unfortunate thief falls to his death, in the opening sequence to episode one, he falls from the cliff top at Lindos - watched by Lavaliere from the battlements of the palace in Rhodes - that man had incredible eyesight!
Palace of the Grand Master - courtyard interior

The Palace of the Grand Master is also the location of the Kastello courtyard and adjacent stairway seen in virtually every episode.

The Acropolis at Lindos The Acropolis at Lindos (the figure in turquoise in the white hat is Anita Rice - my wife!)

In episode three Anne Tierney and David Bascombe leave Anne's house in Rhodes old town for a stroll - as described in the book, around the walls of the old town. They actually stroll around the Acropolis at Lindos - 25 miles away.

The Radio Times feature accompanying the series was illustrated by a picture of a wistful Anne Tierney (Emily Richard) sitting by the stone columns of the Acropolis.

And finally, the Scottish manor house featured in the last episodes as Lavalliere's prospective new home ...
Ardverikie House
... is Ardverikie House, which will be familiar to many as "Glenbogle" from the BBC's Monarch of the Glen series.

It was also used in the film Mrs Brown, but designer Alex Gourlay is proud to say that he was the first to use it. It was then an empty hunting lodge.

In February 2018 I bought a bunch of Dark Side of the Sun relics on e-Bay and amongst them were a handful of what appear to be location scouting shots.

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